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Our offer

Whatever your age, your goals or you needs may be, BODY REBOOT offers you sessions of individual training or in small groups so that you have the opportunity of going further in the postural analysis as well as the specific needs required by your body. The BODY REBOOT method uses  several tools (massages, stretching, yoga, pilates, body training) and according to the diagnosis established beforehand, some of those tools will be more used than others.

The goal of a BODY REBOOT support is to help you unlock, tone (or even gain muscle mass), cope up with muscle delays, help your body pains disappear as well as embellish your body.

Our trainings are designed for everyone: dancers, but also for stiff people, young or even elder people, as well as for sedentary or sportsmen & women.

All our session last 1h00. During the first session we take the time to understand how you are and to go through a complete postural assessment.