The concept

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Specificity of the concept: postural analysis going against established dogmas :)

The concept

Our method aims at deprogramming bad postures very often badly explained in order to reset the right ones.

The BODY REBOOT concept demolishes all myths in terms of posture because we truly believe they deform you, make you ugly and especially make you suffer.

Our simple explanations will help you no to repeat the same mistakes and you will be surprised of how what we say is accurate.

And maybe you will end up asking you the same question: "how is it possible that nobody (or hardly anyone) can see it?"

The concept

Serge’s testimonial, Body Reboot student (personal training)

« I started to train with Mariana four years ago. Even if beforehand I was really into fitness clubs, I could not help but notice that I did not improve and that on a regular basis, I would get injured while training.

Mariana quickly diagnosed my issued and limits, specially regarding my posture. From there, she put together a step by step programme which included some really significant body toning and a correction of the flaws in my posture.

The keywords to describe Mariana’s classes: #precision (how to learn how to activate the right way the muscles targeted) #teaching (her know how to explain, and make improve step by step safely and avoiding injuries), #patience, and #perseverance (in setting up the required corrections).

These are some very serious training sessions but they always take place in a very good mood and atmosphere!"